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Partners and Advisors

We have an advisory group made up of Bridgeport parents and partners, the leadership from The Boston Basics, and researchers interested in learning how people are using The Bridgeport Basics.

Faculty from the Yale Consultation Center and the federal home visiting office have already joined with The Boston Basics and The Bridgeport Basics to help us learn how The Basics are being used by parents and what difference it is making in their everyday experiences with their children.

When The Boston Basics videos were first created, a large group of scientists and health professionals worked together to guide the process. Their job was to make sure that every word and every image was scientifically correct. These people came from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, New York University, the Annie E. Casey Foundation, the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading, University of Chicago Medical School and the Ounce of Prevention. Below are some of our other partners that have supported us throughout.

Optimus Health Care


Bridgeport Hospital









M&T Bank


Bridgeport Hospital


Caroline House


Bridgeport Public Schools